Interim / Pre-treatment Services

Interim services, including support groups, are provided free of charge to individuals waiting for an assessment or admission to treatment. Everyone requesting help is invited to attend interim groups.

Recovery Support Services

We offer a variety of on-going support services free of charge for individuals in recovery. Services include recovery support groups, recovery check-up calls,and follow-up surveys.

Ancillary Services

  • Referrals and care coordination for medical, dental, mental health and a variety of other needs
  • Alcohol and other drug testing
  • Transportation assistance
  • Life skills development (GED)
  • Parenting skills classes
  • Self-help group meetings
  • Recreational activities

Family Services

Family Services are provided free of charge andinclude

Family Education (Open to Public)

A weekly educational program on substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders, how they affect family and others, where family members can find support, and other helpful family-oriented topics.

Family Conferences

Family conferences provide an opportunity for family members or significant others to meet privately with their significant other’s counselor to discuss concerns and develop ongoing recovery plans.

Family Day

Family Day is a monthly educational and social activity for individuals in treatment, their children and other family members. The format includes theme inspired activities for all ages, refreshments, and visitation for those in residential treatment.

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