Admissions Process


Adults with a substance use disorder including those with a co-occurring mental health disorder who are medically and psychiatrically stable. Pregnant women and intravenous drug users are admitted on a priority basis.

Start your recovery journey by calling 815-744-4555 ext. 135 to talk with an Admissions Representative.


Your level of care and your individual treatment goals are determined through a comprehensive assessment.


Service fees are determined using a sliding scale. Most of our services are covered by a health insurance plan including Medicaid. We will assist you in verifying your benefits prior to admission. 

For more information, contact a Client Accounts Representative at 815-744-4555 x108, x127, or x120.


Your treatment experience is about you and what you need. The assessment process we use was developed by our own staff of professionals and has been specifically designed to help you determine what you would like to work on during your time with us. Each element of your Recovery Plan will reflect your input and the steps you take to meet your goals will be unique to your life and circumstances. We know you may have a number of concerns you’d like to focus on, such as your health or education. Our assessment process gives you the opportunity to express those needs and allows us to help you meet them.

Interim Groups

We know having to wait is frustrating. That’s why we encourage you to attend our free Interim Groups until you are able to start your treatment. Interim Groups cost nothing, and while they are not considered treatment, they can engage you in the admission process while providing information and support. Learn more about Interim Groups when you contact us for your Initial Screening.